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Post Posted on Mon May 21, 2012 4:19 pm

We've been rather busy in your absence, Mr. Freeman.... er, sorry, wrong world.

I was asked again this year to do the Men's Lacrosse highlight video over at Wittenberg University, and even though I don't go there anymore, I graciously accepted. You can check out the results over on the spiffy new Wittenberg University category of the Videos page. I'd highly recommend watching at least the end of the DVD Menu background - you will not want to miss that.

And of course, the accompanying DVD entry was placed on the DVDs page, along with the DVD Cover in all its high-resolution glory. It's like a trifecta of awesome!

You'll also notice a plethora of site updates that have creeped up these past few days. Mostly they improve site simplicity and Google-ability. (Remember how every single video's page title was just " - Theater"? Well that's no more.)

That's it for now! Check back soon, yes?

Next Up:
- DVD order page for upcoming Northeastern High School Graduation DVD
- Achievement Hunter Community Videos from Trials: Evolution and Sonic 4 Episode II
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