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Post Posted on Sun Jan 22, 2012 10:24 pm

Hey everybody! Not a lot to report as the new year is already almost a month old. But, in making some videos last year, I figured out some even-better encoding settings to improve quality and keep file size. So I re-encoded and re-uploaded all of the files in the video archive.

Also, my two Sonic 4 Ep1 Achievement Hunter videos never actually made it to, due to many technical issues. But, those have been worked out, so I've re-submitted them to AH and updated them here on (The only change is that I use the new logo at the beginning and the end.)

I also noticed that I never added the 2010 Wittenberg Lacrosse highlights here, despite its existence on YouTube since the time I finished them. So you can check that video out - it's pretty cool, even if you're not a lacrosse fan. (Yay slow motion!)

Stay tuned!

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- More Achievement Hunter Community videos
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