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Post Posted on Tue Aug 23, 2011 11:42 pm

Hey everyone! The 2011 Variety Show is now online. The page isn't quite finished, but you can view the videos by clicking here. Once the DVD is completed, it will appear on the DVDs page where you can click the normal "Watch in HD" link to get back to that page I just linked.

I also added pages for the 2011 Marching Season of the KR Band! Just click the banner on the homepage to access both pictures and videos from the current season. Surprisingly, I'm going to try and keep up this time. Pictures from Meet the Cougar Band Night (which happened just last Thursday) are already online and I'm uploading the videos now, which include the usual Marching In, Pregame, and Halftime. Due to my space constraints, these videos will actually be posted on YouTube and only linked/embedded on this site. Feel free to click through to YouTube and share the links (they may look funny because I'm not going to bother properly titling the videos on YouTube since that information is here on, however the videos will be unlisted on YouTube itself per request from Mr. T. Check back tomorrow morning to see the latest band videos in 1080p high-definition!

The DVD has been added to the database and the DVD-online page is finished! Check it out!

- Meet the Cougar Band Night videos online
- Variety Show 2011 DVDs
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