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Post Posted on Fri Jun 03, 2011 7:32 am

Good morning everyone! Huge update here at, so here's the run-down:

- In a decision mostly influenced by only 7 access codes being registered, I removed the entire access code system so you no longer need an access code to watch videos online from the DVDs! Just head over to the DVDs page to check out which DVDs you can view online!

- KR's latest musical, The Music Man, is now online to watch in full 1080p HD! Go to the DVDs page and just click "Watch Online"! You can also check out the box art by clicking on the image on the DVDs page!

- The 2011 Wittenberg Men's Lacrosse Season DVD was added to the DVD archive. The three videos found on the DVD were added to the regular Kaisonic Productions Video Archive, where you can watch them in full 1080p HD!

- The halftime show for the ninth football game of the 2010 season was finally added online. It features some unexpected commentary.... head back to the home page, then click on "2010 Marching Season" to watch it!

Status Update:
The videos for the 2010 Marching Season DVD are about 90% edited. After that comes encoding, authoring, and duplication. The Music Man DVDs are literally done, but I'm hoping to get the band DVDs done before delivering. You can trust me when I say I'm working around the clock on these things (I'll just say that I did not wake up to write this post). This weekend will be crazy, but hopefully mostly because of delivering all these DVDs!

Next Up:
- KR Band 2010 Online and DVDs
- Music Man DVDs
- Music Man online extras!
- Variety Show 2011 Online and DVDs
- Three more KR concerts (online and DVDs)
- Achievement Seekers
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