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Post Posted on Wed Nov 03, 2010 12:40 pm

Hey everyone! Here at Kaisonic Productions, we're (I'm) hard at work finishing the 2010 Kenton Ridge Marching Band Season DVD. Unfortunately, there is too much work to be done for it to be finished by the One More Time show tomorrow night, so here's a breakdown of what's going to happen:

- DVD sets themselves will not be available
- Pre-orders ARE available
- Each pre-order will receive a ticket that you will need to KEEP in order to get your DVD when they're released
- Every ticket will also have an access code that you can use here on to view the videos from the DVD in 1080p high definition as they become available
- This means that even though the DVD won't be finished, you'll still be able to watch videos from the 2010 season here on the site using your pre-order access code!
- Videos will be added as soon as they are finished
- Available tomorrow will be footage from the first three football games
- DVDs will be available on Friday, November 12. This is a firm deadline

About the DVD Sets
- This year, the set will include four discs with hours and hours of content
- As such, the regular price will be $35
- HOWEVER, if you pre-order at the One More Time show tomorrow night, and are able to pay right then, then you will receive a $5 discount. Any pre-orders made but not paid for tomorrow night will be $35.
- All DVD sets include access codes to view and download all the videos from the DVD in 1080p here on

In Summary:
- Four-disc DVD set pre-orders for $30 at One More Time if paid at the time
- Pre-orders for $35 otherwise
- Access codes given with pre-orders to view videos as they become available online
- DVD sets available November 12

Also, I'll be posting video stills over on the Pictures page as I go through the footage, so check it out! There's already a few up!

Also also, for those with codes for other videos, the videos page has been improved to load drastically faster. Check it out!
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