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Post Posted on Thu Sep 30, 2010 2:06 am

Hey guys! Yet another small update from us (me) here at Kaisonic Productions. The Picture Gallery now has the wonderful collage-like wallpaper of available for download. Both are weird resolutions, but are the standard 16:9 aspect ratio, so they should look nice on any widescreen computer. The first has just "Kaisonic Productions" at the bottom, and the second has labels for all the different screenshots used to tell you where they came from. (They're all projects I've done, if you hadn't guessed).

I also finally put the screenshots for all the KR band 09 videos up, so the videos page looks nice now. Unfortunately, due to the authorization required to see those videos, the Subscribe links won't include any of the "premium" content - they'll just have the miscellaneous Kaisonic Productions videos I do on there. But you can still download portable versions from the Theater page for any video :D

Next I'll be working on a splash page with giant banners that will direct you to your destination. Really it'll just make navigation a whole lot easier. I've never really liked the home page being the site news... that's kinda lame. So that'll be updated soon. But first:

Announcement: Free Weekend!
This upcoming weekend (the first weekend of October) you'll be able to stream all of the 2009 KR Marching Band season in high definition for FREE! That's right, no access code needed. I figured to celebrate the launch of the website and maybe to draw in some more people, I can tease my audience with content they can eventually pay for :-) So come back this weekend! Friday morning through Sunday night!

Edit: Don't forget to check out the site changelog to read about the various improvements and fixes I make to the site :-D
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