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PostPosted: Thu Oct 29, 2015 4:26 pm
by Kaisonic
Hey everybody! Another sparse, yet somewhat-content-filled update from your 'ole pal Kaisonic! The 2015 season highlights are up for our favorite Wittenberg Men's Lacrosse team! Head over to the Videos page to check it out! While you're there, notice the fancy new updated icons for the video downloads! They're pretty fancy! I've also removed all references to Zune, because no one even knows what that is anymore! I am using way too many exclamation points!!!!

Anyway, that's about it for now. Other than a complete responsive-filled re-design, the site is more or less up-to-date, in terms of video terms and whatnot. The Theater & Videos FAQ has been updated to reflect that.

Off to film more band kids! (That sounds weird for some reason...)

Next Up:
- Probably not a lot here, but a LOT soon over at!