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Post Posted on Sun Nov 16, 2014 6:48 pm

Hey everybody! I didn't realize you were still here. Good for you! Glad you're still around :-D

Anyway, a couple new videos for you. First, it's the Wittenberg University Men's Lacrosse highlights for the 2014 season. A little later this year due to some weird scheduling things, but it's up nonetheless!

Second, motivation struck and I followed through with it. So I present, Batman Plays Slender! Has it been done before? Probably. Isn't there a newer Slender game out? Indeed there is. Wouldn't you say the parodies of the Christian Bale Batman voice are old and overdone? Definitely. But promises were made, and thus so was this video! It's only five minutes, so why not take a break from all the other great content on the Internet and see how this tickles your fancy?

Tune in next week to see Batman making a milkshake!

Next Up:
- More Batman? Really?

P.S. I just noticed the last three news posts were posted on the 16th. (I mean, in different months and years, but on the 16th.) Interesting....
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