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Sports! Action! Things!

by Kaisonic on Thu Oct 29, 2015 4:26 pm

Hey everybody! Another sparse, yet somewhat-content-filled update from your 'ole pal Kaisonic! The 2015 season highlights are up for our favorite Wittenberg Men's Lacrosse team! Head over to the Videos page to check it out! While you're there, notice the fancy new updated icons for the video downloads! They're pretty fancy! I've also removed all references to Zune, because no one even knows what that is anymore! I am using way too many exclamation points!!!!

Anyway, that's about it for now. Other than a complete responsive-filled re-design, the site is more or less up-to-date, in terms of video terms and whatnot. The Theater & Videos FAQ has been updated to reflect that.

Off to film more band kids! (That sounds weird for some reason...)

Next Up:
- Probably not a lot here, but a LOT soon over at KRDVDs.org!


Late Batman reference anyone?

by Kaisonic on Sun Nov 16, 2014 6:48 pm

Hey everybody! I didn't realize you were still here. Good for you! Glad you're still around :-D

Anyway, a couple new videos for you. First, it's the Wittenberg University Men's Lacrosse highlights for the 2014 season. A little later this year due to some weird scheduling things, but it's up nonetheless!

Second, motivation struck and I followed through with it. So I present, Batman Plays Slender! Has it been done before? Probably. Isn't there a newer Slender game out? Indeed there is. Wouldn't you say the parodies of the Christian Bale Batman voice are old and overdone? Definitely. But promises were made, and thus so was this video! It's only five minutes, so why not take a break from all the other great content on the Internet and see how this tickles your fancy?

Tune in next week to see Batman making a milkshake!

Next Up:
- More Batman? Really?

P.S. I just noticed the last three news posts were posted on the 16th. (I mean, in different months and years, but on the 16th.) Interesting....


New Content!

by Kaisonic on Thu May 16, 2013 12:36 am

Hey folks! Long time no.... post? I've actually been mostly busy over on KRDVDs.org, but it is now that time of year for more content!

First up are the Wittenberg Lacrosse 2013 Season videos! This year, I tried to make the highlights more manageable and exciting, so the video is only about 15 minutes, with the latter 5 minutes actually just listing the team roster in a rather creative manner. Along with the slow-motion-filled highlights, you'll find interviews with the two seniors as well as the cool timelapse sequence used as the background on the DVD. Check them out over here!

If you feel so inclined, you can also purchase a copy of the 2013 Season DVD for Men's Lacrosse over on the DVDs page for a mere $15. I reduced the price of previous seasons to match this year as well.

I also finally got around to posting the First-Person Marching Band Halftime Show, featuring the Kenton Ridge High School Marching Cougar Band! This was actually recorded back in 2011 at the Kenton Ridge Band Show, and I had an initial cut ready to go later that month, but it had some syncing issues and I just wasn't happy with it. Finishing it was put on my infamous "To-Do" list, so I didn't get around to actually fixing the issues until recently when I finished the entire 2011 DVD set. In any case, it's now online, so check it out! If you've never seen the KR band perform, or any high school marching band for that matter, this video is definitely a good way to watch it.

I made some other small changes, and also added some YouTube links for previously-unavailable videos (see the change log for more detail).

That's about it for now! Stick around, we should have some more awesome content soon!

Next Up:
- I don't even know man!