The History of Kaisonic Productions

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Last Updated: September 8, 2011

Kaisonic Productions began as a glimpse of an idea in the spring of 2007 when one day, Thomas DeBell was sitting in the Kenton Ridge Band Room helping the band director Jim Templeton with some sort of video project. Thomas began to think.... during the marching season, Mr. T needs a video of the marching band's performance each week to grade. But the son of the man that usually does the recordings was graduating. So Thomas asked T if he could be the videographer for the following year. Of course, he agreed.

Thomas had always wanted to get into the filmmaking and videography industry, and had always loved making things for others to enjoy (like his various web videos he has created since 2005). He had recently (in that spring of 2007) been looking at "prosumer" camcorders online and was eager to have an excuse to buy one besides just his desire to make short films. After looking at many cameras and settling on the Sony HDR-FX7 (one of the first consumer-level camcorders to record in high definition), he made the purchase. But with only a 20-hour-per-week minimum wage job, he had to open a credit card to cover half the costs. It was then that Thomas decided to try and monetize his band videography job.

Thomas was extremely excited to get his new camera and began recording band camp as soon as he could. He then recorded pregame and halftime shows every week for Mr. T, as well as Thursday night practices and anything the else the band did. Throughout the season, he pitched the idea of a "season DVD" to many band members and parents. The response was extremely positive, so he allowed people to pre-order the DVDs at the end-of-the-season's One More Time Show. It was almost overwhelming - nearly 50 people wanted a copy! Thomas began work immediately, but for one man, it was difficult. He spent months editing and cutting hours and hours of footage down to around 8 watchable hours on a two-disc set. He purchased blank discs, cases, labels, and insert in bulk from various online outlets. Then, as he watched various James Bond films, he burned 100 discs, printed 100 labels and 50 inserts, labeled the discs, and assembled the 50 cases with labeled discs and inserts, all by hand. Overall, everyone was pleased with the high production quality and enjoyable DVD material.

With the support of students, parents, and many others, he continued his videography job by recording and selling DVDs of any and all Kenton Ridge concerts and performances. After a while, he decided a needed a name for his little videography "company". He went to the basics and decided to use his internet alias, "Kaisonic". He came up with this word back in 2005 when he first started web video development. Over the years, he became fond of his made-up word and decided it was cool enough to call his videography company "Kaisonic Productions". On February 4, 2008, he registered the domain name "" and hoped to one day turn it into a "hub" for all his creations.

Thomas continued making videos and releasing DVDs until the 2009-2010 school year, when, although he continued attending football games and recording band performances, he was diagnosed with depression, and this prevented him from completing any of his major projects until the summer of 2010. But, in an attempt to reinvent himself and Kaisonic Productions, Thomas quickly developed and released a new version of that was everything he had hoped it would become ever since he registered the domain two years earlier. He also had to sell his camera for financial reasons, but was able to purchase a more modern camera at a fraction of the price.

With a new camera and a fully-loaded website, Thomas continues to work diligently and provide his viewers with new content and frequent site updates.

~ Thomas "Kaisonic" DeBell