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Last Updated: October 29, 2015
What is Kaisonic Productions?
It's a multi-million dollar multimedia production and web development company based in Houston, TX. We have over 3500 employees and get over 60 trillion YouTube hits every day!

Wow! Wait.... really??
No, not really! I'm just a guy that likes to make stuff and put it on the web for people to enjoy.

Oh... right. What kind of stuff?
Mostly comedy videos. I also do a lot of programming - I've programmed and (partially) designed the entire site you're on now. I've dabbled in Windows application development, and I hope to also get into Android app development.

Wait, if it's just you, why the name "Kaisonic Productions"?
The history page has details on that. Basically I wanted a name other than just my own.

But why?
So I can fool people like you into thinking I'm a huge corporation!

Not cool dude.
Lies. I'm clearly a cool dude.

So what's a "Kaisonic"?
Kaisonic (pronounced k-eye-sonik) is an alias I made up for myself in early 2004 when I decided "AgentTad005" wouldn't last forever, and "Elite Salamence" was just ridiculous. It's actually just a mixture of the word "kaiser", which means "emperor", and Sonic, my favorite video game character of all time. You can check out the history page for more info.

Oh, Sonic the Hedgehog? I played that game on the 360. It kinda sucked.
Get a Sega Genesis dude. Then talk to me.

How do you make your videos?
Any game footage I use (for Achievement Hunter Community Videos, for example) used to be captured with a Hauppauge HD-PVR, but is now captured with an Elgato Game Capture HD. Any live action footage used to be captured with a Sony HDR-FX7, but is now captured with a Canon Vixia HF S200, a Sony HXR-NX5U, a Vivitar GoPro knockoff, and a plethora of Audio-Technica microphones. I then use Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 (yay educational discount!) to edit and render the final product.

What on Earth is a "plethora"?
..... I have a lot of microphones. I also use my old iPhone 4 and third-generation iPod touch as portable recording devices for those microphones.

Neat! But wait, all I really see in your video archive are Achievement Hunter Community Videos and then some college sports highlights? What?
That wasn't really a question, but I'll try to explain. This site is really just a hub for my other sites on the Internet, so the videos here are just videos that I've made that don't fit on any other site. If you head back to the home page, you'll see banners for the different things I do. As Kaisonic Productions, I specialize in filming music events at my old high school, Kenton Ridge in Springfield, Ohio. I film band shows, choir concerts, musicals, variety shows, and much more - then I make DVDs, sell them, and post the contents online for everyone to watch. I join my siblings to form RTC Fusion Productions and create The Sonic Tales, a comedy machinima series set in the world of Sonic the Hedgehog. And finally, I join my buddy Jay and a few other folks as Red-Light Green-Light Entertainment to create the Halo-based machinima comedy Kill Faz.

Whoa, sounds like you do a lot!
Why thank you, self!

Dude.... just... don't.
Er... right! Moving on...

So Kaisonic.net has your miscellaneous videos, Wittenberg videos, and links to your other stuff? Where can I just watch all your videos?
There's also a banner on the home page for my YouTube, which has every video that appears on any of my other sites.

Hey, I don't see some videos on your YouTube but they're totally on your other sites!
Well, YouTube won't let me put ALL of my videos on there. Something about this thing called copyright?

Copyright? What's that?
I don't know. No one on the Internet seems to know about it.

Oh. Interesting...
Yes it is, self. Yes it is...

Is there a way to keep up on what you're doing other than visiting your sites?
As mean as that question is, I'll answer anyway. You can either use the links at the bottom of the page to subscribe to our news feed so you can get our news posts right in your favorite RSS reader. Or you can click the Twitter banner on the home page to follow me on Twitter.

Wow, you use Twitter? That's lame dude.
Not so much. I don't use it to chat, I use it strictly for updates. It's very useful to send out a quick update about what's going on and everyone that follows me will get it instantly.

Wait, are you saying Twitter is cool?
NO. I'm just saying that I'm using it right.

And other people are using it wrong?
I prefer not to insult the population of the Internet, as they are my audience and I fear I may scare viewers away.

Viewers? What viewers?
I think we're done here.